I’m not surprised when I go to a spiritual destination and fall in love. I wrote about it in Peru and also in Cornwall. There is something heart opening about Nature and places steeped in prayer that it’s challenging to not blossom there.

And yet, it did happen. And in a place I thought would hold my heart forever. As everything is related, I wanted to share what happened to make me lose my love.

No Warmth

It’s summer. We expect to be warm in the summer, but this year Spring hung on. She didn’t release her grip at all in June. Wearing a coat in June is something I never thought I’d do, but I did it most days for at least part of the time.

Now, being cold isn’t the end of the world, but it wasn’t just chilly on the outside. The people were frosty. There was no warmth from them. And it’s hard to snuggle up to an icicle. I’m a person, not a purse.

No Hospitality

In all the stories from antiquity, we hear about how travelers must be given hospitality. You can’t kill someone who is under your roof. You have to feed strangers. To be inhospitable is so offensive to the gods that Zeus destroyed a town that turned him and Hermes away when they were disguised as traveling paupers. They saved only the old couple who took them in and fed them.

Sacred travel brings out what’s inside. It can make you needy, soft, tender, or fragile. Travelers need pampering and loving care. When the hospitality is lacking, it can inhibit (or enhance) the surrender needed for growth.

Not Being Seen

For the first time ever in England, I wasn’t seen. There was an incident where someone looked at me and projected her insecurities on me. I know that happens every day to people, but it doesn’t happen to me.

I didn’t take it personally, but I also didn’t want to stay where I was not appreciated or wanted. It didn’t take long for all the goodwill acquired over the years to dwindle into nothing.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Everything is related. How you do anything is how you do everything. Lovers love. People who aren’t lovers don’t.

Lovers are warm. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You slide into an easy rhythm with them that is genuine and safe. It’s easy to be yourself around warm people.

Lovers are generous and hospitable. They notice when you need something. They lean in without smothering or babying. They care about the welfare of all, so they love themselves and others freely.

Lovers are confident. This comes from inside so they don’t have to take away from others to feel good about themselves. Since lovers carry it inside, they are never without love. They know that giving love away only creates more because it cycles back to us.

Love Needs Reciprocity

Falling out of love isn’t easy. All the hopes and dreams for the future die. What was once beautiful doesn’t look the same anymore.

My trip to England didn’t kill my love. It just diverted my interest to other places.

Reciprocity is the energy that keeps all things in motion. When what we send out isn’t acknowledged, returned, or perhaps even desired, it’s time to rethink where we send it. Everything and everyone is worthy of love. Love is the fuel of life. So that there is enough for me and everyone around me, I’m looking elsewhere for future retreats and tours. Life’s too short to be without love.