Ghosts and Ancestors Retreat

Daphne Du Maurier fans look out! By request, I am contemplating a Ghosts and Ancestors retreat in Cornwall for 2025.

Tentative plans include an overnight stay at the star of Jamaica Inn, the famous smuggling inn from Du Maurier’s book of the same name which is reputed to be incredibly haunted!

The Bodmin Jail is another site that is known for its paranormal history.

Other sites known to have paranormal activity that could be on the itinerary are Bodmin Moor, Roughtor (which is in Bodmin Moor), Dozmary Pool (the resting place for Excalibur).

King Arthur’s birthplace, Tintagel, isn’t haunted but it’s so close that we may need to go by. While in town, we can visit Merlin’s cave and have an incredible Cornish pasty.

This area has so many sacred wells and springs that we will trip over them. They are great places to commune with the ancestors…or maybe even the fey.

The area has so many incredible walks. The sun shines long and warm in Cornwall, so we will likely have sunshine interspersed with spooky mist. Maybe we will find out why so many get disoriented and lost in the moors.

This is in the contemplation stage for spring 2025. If it sounds intriguing to you, let me know what appeals to you in the comments. It will help me decide whether to solidify my plans.