Greece Walking Holiday

The spring tiny tour (Cornwall pilgrimage) has SOLD OUT before it was even officially for sale!

So, rather than disappoint people, I am creating a similar pilgrimage for the fall of 2024. It will cater to the same fitness level and same interests.

We’re doing a GREECE walking holiday!

Sept 7-17, 2024

$2437 per person, double occupancy

small group 16 or fewer

Day 0- flying to Athens

Day 1- arrival in Athens. Half day tour of the acropolis, Parthenon, and Theater of Dionysus. We will also see the temples of Athena and Asclepius, the Herodes Atticus theater. Explore the land that gave us Aristole. We will stay in or near Plaka, a famous Athenian neighborhood known for Byzantine churches, cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. 

Day 2- travel to Kipi, a tiny village in the Zagori region of Greece that is famous for its stone bridges. We will have free time to wander through the picturesque natural beauty and sample some of the country’s best food.

Day 3- Today we begin our walk by crossing the river and back again to the upper entrance to Vikos Gorge where you get a taste of what is to come in the following days. We will cover about 6 miles and gain an elevation of about 1,476 feet. Allow 3-5 hours for the walk depending upon your level of fitness and how much you delight in the process.

Day 4- Today we have three options that all loop around Monodendri. They range from 30 minutes to two and half hours. Feeling adventurous? You can do them all! They take you to different viewpoints of the gorgeous Vikos Gorge.

Day 5- We continue our walk along the Vikos Gorge. We descend down to the river and walk along the river where you can take time out for a swim or to dip your feet in the cool water. We’ll walk almost 8 miles today. Allow 4-5 hours for walking.

Day 6- We continue our up and down walk along the Vikos Gorge through quaint Greek villages. We have about two hours of walking unless you elect to take a detour which adds an extra half hour or so.

Day 7- Today we have a circular route in Papingo which takes us past idyllic natural bathing spots. Dress accordingly and leave time to linger in the sun. Our loop should take about three hours… unless you linger.

Day 8- we return to Athens. We will have more time to roam the Plaka and revisit favorite sites or discover new ones.

Day 9- today is spent aboard a wooden boat exploring the Saronic islands. We’ll stops on Agistri and Aegina Islands and see the Temple of Aphaia. There is plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling (equipment included) and exploring the islands. Coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, beer and wine included. Traditional Greek lunch is also included.

Day 10- You’ve got the lay of the land now. This last day is yours to choose your own adventure. Maybe you want to return to something that you have already seen. Maybe you’d like to just wander, savor, and take it all in. A day trip on your own is also a possibility.

Day 11 – fly home taking memories, relaxation, new friends, and treasured souvenirs back with you.

Tour Includes

  • double room in a B&B, guesthouse or hotel (ensuite)
  • climate controlled transportation during the tour
  • entry fees to the sites visited
  • semi-private tour of Athens
  • semi-private boat excursion
  • breakfast daily
  • guide on the Athens tour
  • luggage transfers from hotel to hotel while on the pilgrimage
  • transfers to the locations on the itinerary
  • the opportunity for dream groups, breathwork, group past life regression, or other activities that Laura Giles can lead if the group desires it
  • personal assistance integrating anything that comes up, if needed

Intrigued? Close your eyes. Listen to your heart. Trust. Those who are meant to be here will be here.

More About the Walking Route

You don’t need any walking experience to do this Greece walking holiday. It’s not tricky or particularly long, but it can be steep-especially when wet. You need a fair level of fitness as the route is not long, but it is challenging.

The path is a well-marked footpath or cobbles. Parts of the route dates back to the 17th and 18th century with original stone cobbles.

Temperatures can be warm, but lots of the path is shady. Still, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are recommended. It’s also recommended to get an early start (although breakfast is not served before 8:00).

You’re walking along a gorge with no handrails. If you have vertigo or fear of heights, this may not be the trip for you.

The Zagori region is a collection of about 45 tiny villages. The route runs through them where you can get lunch and use the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for this trip?

I’ve seen plenty of 80 year olds walking the Grand Canyon, Chimney Rock, and Peru. If you are fit enough to walk a rolling 11 mile route alone and unassisted, you are welcome to come.

How do I prepare for the pilgrimage?

Watch Wild. It’s Cheryl Strayed’s autobiography of her 1,100 mile solo trek of the Pacific Coast Crest. It will give you a glimpse into what’s possible on a long walk.

Read this article.

Walk on similar terrain for a similar length of time.

Who should come?

Anyone who feels called to come. Trust your gut. The ideal traveler is open-minded, easy-going, fit, ready to expand and find the divine.

How long will we be walking each day?

I don’t know. It depends on how fast you walk and how much you linger. Plan on walking all day. If you plan on being outside on your feet all day, you will be well prepared.

What can I expect?

Every tour is different. Every traveler is different. I can’t really say. All I can say is that sacred travel gives you what you most need. My tours and retreats give travelers a sense of what is it like to be seen, loved, accepted, and safe. Since we are going to be seeing some of the most spectacular seaviews and Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the world, you’re sure to be awestruck.

This is not a “churchy” type of spiritual experience. It’s an inner world experience.

Do I need trip insurance?

It’s always a good idea when traveling internationally. InsureMyTrip has been good to me in the past.

What if I tire out on the route? What are my options?

You can can the tour director for assistance. They can arrange a ride (at your expense) to the next destination.