Greece Tour Registration

Tour Terms & Conditions

Tour price guarantee: The tour price is subject to change without notice due to the unpredictability of

currency rates. However, your price will be locked and guaranteed the moment we receive your deposit.

Included in the price of each tour:

  • Transportation to all sites on the itinerary
  • B&B double occupancy lodging unless a single supplement is purchased (based upon availability)
  • local guide while touring
  • climate controlled, privaite vehicle while touring
  • semi-private boat tour to the islands
  • admission to sights listed in the itinerary
  • daily breakfasts
  • You also have access to your tour facilitator (Laura Giles) for healing adventures like past life regressions, dream groups, etc.

Itineraries are subject to change: Sacred travel is full of surprises and we need to be flexible enough to take advantage of whatever comes along so that we may provide you with the best possible tour. Uncompleted portions of the tour itinerary are not cause for refund.

Tour payments:

To reserve a seat on a tour you must agree to these Tour Conditions and provide us with a deposit of $650 per person. We accept credit card payments via PayPal, checks, money orders in US dollars and cash. Deposits must be made to reserve your spot. Final payment is due by July 5, 2024. Missing the final payment deadline may result in your being removed from the tour! So mind the date!

Solo travelers and single supplements:

If you are traveling solo, you will board with another tour member of the same sex. If you would like a single, private room, we will provide that if it is available.

Cancellations and refunds:

Your deposit is nonrefundable as I may also be subject to non-refundable deposits. However, there are more people who want to go on this tour than we have slots available, so your deposit may be transferrable. If you have to cancel, ask. I will maintain a waiting list.

Refunds requests initiated while the tour is in progress will not be honored for carrier related delays, personal problems, business problems, accidents, emergencies, government obligations (such as jury duty or lawsuits), inability to provide travel documents, self-inflicted injury or harm, problems related to substance abuse, personal injuries, weather, or medical issues.

You may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance to cover health, travel interruptions, loss of luggage, or additional costs as no insurance is provided.

If we cancel a tour you have reserved, the entire amount you have paid will be refunded to you within 14 days after the tour’s cancellation.

Tour risks:

Travel has risk. All tour members are required to sign a Assumption of Risk Waiver prior to the beginning of a tour.

Participation: Participants who do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort or convenience of other members of the tour may be expelled from the tour at anytime, without any claims or complaints by the offender against us.

All tours are physically active: This is an integral, essential part of the tour experience. Get in shape before you leave! On any tour you should be capable of fully and happily participating without any assistance in the following levels of activity:

1. Carry or roll your own luggage for up to 15 minutes over uneven pavement from the bus to the hotel, then haul it up as many as five flights of stairs to reach your room.

2. Be comfortable on your feet for up to seven hours walking and standing, both inside museums and outdoors in all weather conditions such as hot sun and rain.

3. After orientation, be able to navigate on your own.

Pack light : Each tour member is allowed to bring just one piece of luggage (weighing up to 39 pounds) plus a small day pack or shoulder bag. You will always carry your own bags from the bus to your room, which may include carrying it up several flights of steep stairs or walking 10-15 minutes to the hotel.

Children under age 18 must room with and be accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian, who is responsible for participating in all tour activities in which the child partakes.

Assumption of Risk Waiver

I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive and discharge Laura Giles, LLC , their officers, agents, representatives, employees or tour guides (hereinafter called “Staff”) from liability from any and all claims including the negligence of Laura Giles, LLC and Staff, resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), and property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation on any tour offered by Laura Giles, LLC (hereinafter called “Tour”).

Assumption of Risks:

Participation on a Tour carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks include, but are not limited to: 1) all risks going to the site of a Tour 2) any danger presented in the street, sidewalk, or pathways including but not limited to traffic, poor lighting, icy conditions, uneven, slippery or steep surfaces 3) physical exertion for which I may not be prepared 4) weather 5) any food or alcohol allergies I may have. Also, I understand that there may not be rescue or medical facilities or expertise which may be necessary to deal with potential injuries to which I may be exposed. I VOLUNTARILY, FREELY, AND EXPRESSLY CHOOSE TO INCUR ALL RISKS AND ALL SUCH DAMAGES associated with a Tour.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless: I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Laura Giles, LLC and Staff from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees brought as a result of my involvement on a Tour and to reimburse them for any such expenses incurred.

Photo and Video Release:
Furthermore, I hereby grant Laura Giles, LLC permission to the rights of my image, likeness and sound of my voice as recorded on a Tour without payment or any other consideration.

The tour participant further expressly agrees that the foregoing waiver of liability, assumption of risk, indemnity agreement, and photo and video release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of Virginia and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

Choice of Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Virginia, without giving effect to any principles regarding conflict of laws.

Acknowledgement of Understanding:

I have read this waiver of liability, assumption of risk, indemnity agreement, and photo and video release, fully understand its terms and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I acknowledge that I am making this agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by my ticket(s) purchase to completely and unconditionally release Laura Giles, LLC and Staff of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

so that I can contact you while we are enroute or in the event of an emergency
You must acknowledge all of the above to register.