In Wales I learned to hear the whispers.

In the past I have concentrated on going where Spirit roars. These are power places where even the most dense people can feel the swirls of the earth’s chakras attuning their bodies.

They are exciting. They provide “proof” that something transformative is happening. Big shifts happen. Lives change.

But my last pilgrimage wasn’t like that. The earth didn’t scream at all. It whispered. And I had to lean in to hear it.

I thought it was a new experience for me, but I later realized that I had been preparing for it for a while. All the solitary walks in the woods helped me appreciate both the absence of manmade sounds and the chatter of the forest.

When I’d look up and see the wide eyed gaze of a deer looking at me, I knew that something was shifting. Nature was responding differently to me, and I to her.

Suddenly, I could hear her whispers. And when you can hear the whispers, you don’t have to wait until a tsunami comes to know that life is happening, change is available, things are alive, and Spirit is speaking to you.

You don’t have to go anywhere to know that you are Spirit. Spirit is you, and it’s everywhere.

How often do we go out in search of what we already have?

How often do we go out when we need to tune in?

I went to Wales hoping to experience what I always experience. But as I say, we all get what we most need. And what balances a scream better than a whisper?

Darkness, silence, solitude, and intimacy are the partners of whispers. Whispers birth secrets into the light. Perhaps to earn those secrets, we need to learn to be comfortable where they flourish.