Initiation Into Womanhood

Modern society lacks initiations. As a result, many find themselves lost. We don’t know who we are, where we stand, or where we belong. We can search for that in food, sex, success, relationships, drugs, spirituality, and other places that don’t lead to fulfillment, happiness, or identity. We can carry the energy of this disconnection in the form of fibroids, PMS, PMDD, endometriosis, PCOS, body dysmorphia, and infertility as our womb cries for our attention. 

For a girl to transition into womanhood in a healthy way, she needs the support of wise elders to show her the way. And wise elders are in very short supply.

When girls are surrounded by strong, balanced, wise women who can counteract societal message of females as sexual objects and weak, second class citizens, our girls can grow into women who know their self-worth, love their bodies, and know who they are. 

We can’t undo the legacy created by the years of toxic patriarchy and denial of rites of passage, but we can start where we are to make today a better place for all women-beginning with this event.

In this series, we will embark on an incredible journey together, exploring various aspects of womanhood and personal growth. Each week, the feminine archetypes of Maiden, Seductress, Mother, and Crone will be our guides. We will also gain support and wisdom from our ancestral line and learn to trust our Higher Self.

By participating in this series, you will gain:

  • Empowerment and self-discovery
  • Connection and support
  • Personal growth and well-being
  • Reconnection with your roots
  • A new, empowered vision of what it means to be a woman

The optional initiation into womanhood ceremony at the end of this series will be a powerful and symbolic celebration of femininity. It will honor your growth, resilience, and the unique path you have traversed. You may emerge from this experience with a newfound sense of purpose, self-awareness, and a strong connection to the sisterhood of women. Furthermore, you will gain strength for whatever lies ahead.

I invite you to be a part of this society-changing event by becoming initiated into womanhood so that you can become a light future generations to follow. I eagerly look forward to embarking on this remarkable journey with you and celebrating the initiation into womanhood together.

Our 2024 Itinerary

Tues, Sept 24- The Maiden (Child/Wounded Child)

Tues, Oct 1 – The Seductress

Tues, Oct 8 – The Mother

Tues, Oct 15 – The Crone

Saturday, Oct 26 – The Initiation

Who Should Come?

Females who are post-menarche (you’ve started your period) to those who are post-menopausal who are struggling with identity, purpose, belonging, or just want to maximize their potential are welcome to attend.

How Do The Weekly Sessions Work?

First, enroll in the course. You will have access to the course materials immediately. Read them. Ask questions. Engage.

The month before the optional initiation, we will have one virtual meeting per week to focus on one of the feminine energies. This is our last chance to address any questions, uncertainties, or fears.

If you have to miss, I may include replays in the group. It’s far better for you to attend in person so that you can get the most benefit from the session. Learning is about community and connection as well as data.

Participation in workshops is a must. If you didn’t do the work, you won’t be ready for change. Rites of passage = life-changing events.

Registration includes access to a free group available to participants during the series so that you can connect between sessions. (Perhaps we will have Moon Circles and Red Tents within this circle to continue our journey together).

When we “return with the elixir,” there will be new challenges to face as we encounter the uninitiated in the mundane world. This support will be become invaluable. So, I have created a private group for initiated women to gather, share, and support.

What You Need to Know

Please observe confidentiality. What happens in this group, stays in this group. It’s not only healthy boundaries, it helps to preserve the sacredness of our shared experiences.

Initiation is a deeply personal experience. It’s one that only those who have shared it can understand. We ask that you consider remaining in touch with the people you share it with so that you can continue to support each other after the initiation.

For the initiation itself, you will need a white or undyed dress.

You do not have to embrace any spiritual path to be a part of the Initiation Into Womanhood.

Your daughters, mothers, and best friends are welcome to join us in this initiation into womanhood. However, think about what’s best for your own experience. If your partner will enhance your experience, please invite her. If having someone else there could detract from your experience, it may be best for them to do it at another time.

Once you sign up, you will have access to the group and all materials for a year. If you can’t make a meeting, you can review the replay.

Want to Be a Part of the Initiation Into Womanhood?

The first step is to sign up today for our private community.

We have a private space for us to gather, ask questions, share experiences, and contemplate the journey into womanhood ahead. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to prepare for this journey as there is LOTS of information that supplements the weekly gatherings inside the group.

Our “training” begins the moment you register. Then, each week for four weeks, we will meet and learn about the four feminine archetypes. We will also engage in an activity that will allow us to have a personal experience to prepare us for the initiation. Each session ends with sharing.

The optional initiation is a live event that takes place Oct 26, 2024.

The fee for the course for the Initiation Into Womanhood is $100. There is a separate fee of $100 for the initiation ceremony.