I’m wobbly. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Spiritual travel can do this to me. Death, birth, graduation, marriage, divorce, menopause, betrayal, bankruptcy, or disillusionment, can create it. Heck, life can sometimes do it for no particular reason at all.

It’s where we go when our world breaks open. The boundaries explode and no longer exist. We free fall. It’s complete and utter freedom.

We say we want this, but it feels so uncomfortable. We yearn for the known, for walls to help us feel secure. What worked before doesn’t work now. What we knew before is no longer true.

Sometimes it’s because we discover that what we thought was truth is a lie. Sometimes we go wobbly because we gain so much more information that our old ways of thinking don’t work anymore.

Other times it’s because we don’t have any answers at all, but we have so many more questions. Our vision expands to see what was hidden and we can’t make sense of it.

Mont St Michel photo by Phillippe Serrand

We often have no one to talk to. Who would understand? We may not even understand it ourselves. It can feel so isolating.

Perhaps we don’t have the right skills to navigate this terrain. Or maybe we don’t know what we need, so we can’t even help ourselves. Being helpless, confused, and alone is not a good feeling. Yet it teaches us to surrender and trust in the Universe.

When we’re wobbly, we search for new boundaries because everything needs a container. We like an anchor to keep us connected to other people, reality, and ourselves. Even if we are the adventurous type, a tether keeps us safe enough to express our courage and dare.

it's okay to be wobbly

So it’s okay to be wobbly. It’s part of growth. It’s the space between caterpillar and butterfly. If you are here too, it’s validation that you are living consciously and are traveling within the web of life. You are flowing in life’s current and seeing things anew rather than moving unconsciously with closed eyes.

It takes courage to free fall, but getting through it the first time makes it easier the second, third, and fourth times. You know that this is just part of life. And perhaps you even feel a bit of excitement to know that something wonderful awaits on the other side.

So be wobbly. It’s okay.