Play Retreat

play retreat

I just had a really wonderful time hosting people who just wanted to play. I asked if they wanted to do “this” or “that,” and they said, “No, I really just want to hang out with you.”

That’s when I realized that what they wanted was what I do during my retreats! We play!

“Play” means unstructured activity that is typically enjoyable and has no intended outcome.” Who doesn’t love that?

And that’s exactly what we did. On the outside you could say that we lounged around, talked, ate, went for walks in the woods, went ice skating, laughed, and played games. What was happening on the inside was that we were connecting to each other, nature, and ourselves, relaxing, down-regulating our nervous systems, and letting go.

It was such a restorative and deeply connecting experience that I want to do it all again with you! Are you in?

Who should come to the play retreat?

Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Do you need some time in nature? Are you yearning for real people to talk to? Do you want to connect to something deeper? Would you enjoy a deep belly laugh? Are you good company?

If so, this could be just what you need.

Why should you come to the play retreat?

It’s hard to tell someone who hasn’t been on retreat with me before why they should come or why they might need to play. Let’s start with the play part.

Children are the masters of play. It’s the superpower we’re all born with. We all know how to be open, curious, and fearless without getting discouraged, taking things personally, or shutting down because we aren’t doing something perfectly the first time. Then, somewhere along the way, some of us lose that and start to get stiff and old.

We tap out before the game is over. We play it safe and hide away from life rather than living it up until the very last breath. Play can help you to get your spark back.

So, why should you come to the play retreat? To remember what it’s like to feel free, invigorated, inspired, relaxed, and creative again. I think by the end of it, you will remember how absolutely essential it is to play and will make it a part of your lifestyle again.

What will we do at the play retreat?

Play is unstructured activity with no agenda, so I can’t say for sure. It will depend on the energy of the group, but breathwork, guided meditation, cuddle party, qigong, dancing, bodywork, past life regression, dream groups, rituals, sound baths, drum circles, karaoke, caving, surfing, paddle boarding, kite flying, a gift exchange (they aren’t presents), a moon circle-who knows? We’ve done all these things and more in the past.

Although I don’t get attached to any outcome, as a trauma therapist and spiritual tour facilitator, I am always on the look out for opportunities for healing and spiritual experiences, as well as fun.

My tours and retreats always feature nature and outdoor time. They are relaxed, not go, go, go. They are about being, not doing.

Come As You Were Party

I do know one thing. We will have a “Come as you were” party. So bring a costume that shows who you were in your past life! Who doesn’t love to dress up? (Remember, it’s play. Don’t take it too seriously or go all out).

Answers to frequently asked questions about the play retreat

Do I have to participate in everything?

Absolutely not. Consent is king. Do what you like. Sit out what you don’t like. Go at your own pace.

Is there an age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. restriction or limit?

No. You are welcome to come as you are as long as you give others the freedom to do the same.

You do spiritual retreats. Is this a religious experience?

No, but I believe that all life is sacred, and if you are open to experiencing that, you may feel that too. However, the retreat isn’t designed to make you think, feel, or believe anything.

Where do I sign up?

I’m still in the process of finding the perfect location and date. All I know at this point is that it will be sometime in 2024. I won’t know the price, or even ballpark, until other details are settled. I will update this page as more information becomes available.