The last few years of spiritual travel have been very different from when I started.

In the beginning, Americans had a reputation of not having passports and not being travelers. Not only is that not true of Americans now, it seems as though the whole world has been bitten by the travel bug.

Spiritual destinations are hotspots. Places that used to be hard to get to now have handicapped ramps, McDonald’s and Starbucks. They are crowded, noisy, and overflowing with “Made in China” souvenirs. Sites are often so congested that it’s hard to hear yourself breathe or tap into the natural juices.

To incorporate my growth, stay congruent with my values, and continue to serve my own needs as well as those of my clients, my spiritual travel is changing too.

First, I am going to be offering spiritual retreats instead of tours. We are going to stay in one area with a focus on natural beauty, big sky, and clean, wholesome living.

Second, we won’t be going to “big” destinations or focusing on peak experiences. We will be doing “inner world tours.” We’re going small, sensual, deep, meaningful, personal, and away from the crowds.

We’ll breathe, connect with the stars, and release our barriers to Oneness with guided practices led by me (Laura Giles). We will walk in nature, hug trees, smell leaves, and savor the little things.

You see, when the brain gets used to big bursts of dopamine, it becomes accustomed to that and needs even more to feel excited and alive. This creates an addiction of “more, more, more.” And the spiritual gold can get lost.

We’re going to rediscover the love and life within a grain of sand, a ray of sunshine, the call of the birds in the morning.

I’m not sure if this is international or domestic yet, but it will feature nature, relaxation, and solitude. It may be more of a retreat than a tour. Group size will not be more than 16 people.

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