Connect On This Amazing Cornwall Pilgrimage

I loved our Tiny Tour in 2023 so much that we’re doing it again in Cornwall, England! For 2024, we’re doing a Cornwall Pilgrimage.

Our small size is the ultimate in boutique travel. We get to go to places where buses and big roads can’t go. So, it’s a little bit rugged and a lot intense!

If you are adventurous, play well with others, and are good at self-care, come with us on our Cornwall Pilgrimage.

April 27-May 7, 2024

$2766 double occupancy


Day 1 – April 27, 2024 Getting to Cornwall

Our Cornwall Pilgrimage kicks off at Paddington Station in London where we will board the train to St. Ives, Cornwall. Plan to arrive no later than 1:00 p.m. for our 6 hour train ride to Cornwall. We will get to know each other on the ride, rest, or watch the beautiful southwestern scenery go by.

We will arrive for time to settle into our St. Ives B&B.

Day 2 April 28, 2024- St. Ives

We have a free day in St. Ives to rest up after all that traveling and enjoy the amazing seaside. If you are a photographer, bring your camera. St. Ives is said to have the most amazing light! If you want to get a jump on your hiking, there are lots of great trails.

Days 3-5 Cornwall Pilgrimage

In the morning, we will begin our challenging four day walk to Penzance. It’s 39 miles total (average of 10 miles per day; 6 on day 1, 11 on days 2, 3, and 4) in all sorts of weather.

Your main luggage will be transported to our lodging at the end of each day, but you will be carrying your own day bag and lunch (which is provided for you) for the duration of the hike, so pack wisely!

The weather varies widely throughout the day. Think layers! You may wish to bring a sweater, a sunhat, sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, camera, phone, and shorts.

There is nothing tricky about the route. It’s well marked and wide, but there is lots of up and down making it moderately challenging. There are short steep sections that will give you a workout. Parts may be muddy, so bring waterproof, sturdy, broken in hiking boots.

Every day we will walk along Cornwall’s spectacular clifftops and down to the coves where we will see few people, miles of unspoiled coastline with abundant wildlife. We will get an up-close view of quaint fishing villages and seaside towns.

We will start together, but each person is on their own journey. So, it’s fine to slow down and go at your own pace so your inner experience can reveal itself. If you need help, ask for it.

Note: there are very few single rooms available, so you will probably have to share a room.

Day 6 May 3, 2024 St. Michael’s Mount and Ancient Spiritual Sites

Today we finish our pilgrimage with a morning walk (approximately 3 miles each way, a little over an hour or bus ride- depending upon how the group feels) to St. Michael’s Mount. St. Michael’s mount is an island part of the day, so we may be walking or taking a boat the last little bit.

St. Michael’s Mount is on the Mary/Michael ley line. It’s been a pilgrimage destination since the first time fisherman saw an apparition of St. Michael that warned them of danger in 495 AD. Four miracles said to have happened here during 1262 and 1263 added to the religious magnetism that draws pilgrims from far and wide. St. Michael’s Mount has the juiciest energy I’ve ever experienced. It is something special.

After lunch on our own, we begin touring Cornwall’s sacred sites. Places visited will include The ‘Merry Maidens’ stone circle, Tregiffian Burial Chamber, Medieval Churches & ancient Celtic Crosses, St. Buryan & The Witches Cross, The Ballowal Barrow & Cape Cornwall, and Botallack Mine & the North ‘Tin Coast.’ We will spend half a day with a local guide who will enlighten us into Cornwall’s ancient, spiritual past.

Day 7 May 4, 2024 Exploring Ancient Spiritual Places

Today we will continue exploring the sacred sites of Cornwall.

You can’t go far in Cornwall without tripping over a sacred well, ghost story, myth, or spiritual monument. Today’s touring includes visits to Men-an-Tol, Lanyon Quoit, Boscawen-un stone circle, Carn Euny Iron Age settlement & Fogou, and Sancreed Beacon. Our local guide will enlighten us about the legends of these magical places.

If you would like to spend a little extra time here, or would like for me to facilitate a ritual here, ask in advance so I can prepare it. I’m happy to oblige. You can also go explore on your own. Check out what the area has to offer!

We have the evening free to gaze at the Aquarids meteor shower or Laura can facilitate a group past life regression, dream group, cuddle party, journey, breathwork session, or trauma release exercises. We will go with the flow and see what happens!

cornwall pilgrimage

Day 8 – May 5, 2024 St. Mary’s, the Isles of Scilly

There’s no walking today! Give your legs a rest (unless you want to wander this beautiful island paradise). Today we visit St. Mary’s of the Isles of Scilly. We depart by ferry for a two hour and forty-five minutes ride to the largest (6 square miles) of the Isles of Scilly. Here we will let the spirit move us.

We have a golf cart at our service to explore the shops, churches, post office, cafés, galleries, restaurants and pubs. If we’re more interested in sandy beaches, dramatic rocky coves, stunning seascapes, amazing archaeological sites, beautiful walks and scenery along miles of coastal and country paths and nature trails, that’s also available.

Of course, we will cruise by Halangy Down, an ancient village, and Bant’s Carn Burial Chamber.

We will return to Penzance this evening.

Day 9 – May 6, 2024 Train back to London

After breakfast we board the train back to London. You may wish to explore the city before heading to our airport hotel. Let’s get a good night sleep before flying home.

Day 10 – May 7, 2024 fly home

Tour Includes

  • double room in a B&B with private bath (single supplement may be available, ask)
  • double room our last night in London
  • train transportation to Cornwall and back
  • ferry transportation to St. Mary’s island
  • shared golf cart while on St. Mary’s island
  • guided meditations, qigong, breathwork, past life regression, sound baths, full moon ritual, or whatever assistance the group needs from Laura Giles to facilitate awakening to, and integration of, the experience.
  • breakfast daily
  • lunch while on pilgrimage
  • private climate controlled van on the two tour days with a local guide

Intrigued? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax. Listen to your heart. Heed the call. If you feel called to have an inner world journey in the company of others who are doing the same thing, contact me.

Trust that those who are meant to be here, will be here. If that’s you, you are welcome.

More About the Pilgrimage

I’m being asked for more details about the pilgrimage route. Although we never reach more than 400m above sea level (and most of the time not more than 200m) there are many short steep sections. Most days involve ascents of 200-400m metres, although no section is very steep for very long.

The kick off to the pilgrimage is probably the highlight of the walk. St. Ives to Zennor is known widely for it’s challenging trail and spectacular views. You may wish to stop at the Tinners Arms and the St. Sennara Church. Both are over 700 years old. See the mermaid chair while you are there. This is the first day’s walking and the toughest.

We will walk through Pendeen, a landscape scattered with mines, coves, and beautiful clifftops.

Sennen Cove is a quaint fishing village with lots of personality. You may see wildlife here in abundance.

We walk through Lands End, Enys Dodnan Arch, and on past stunning Nanjizal beach. We will get right up to the Minack Theatre, a spectacular open air theater perched on the Cornish cliffside. The town of Porthcurno is known for it’s stories of ghosts and witches, but they won’t bother us. We will walk past Logan’s rock, a 70 ton boulder that used to rock if you pushed it.

We will see the charming fishing villages of Penberth and Porthguarnan Cove. The trail gets steep again as we climb through woods, flat clifftops, coves, and then to Lamora Cove. Once we hit Mousehole, we’re in the home stretch. We walk through Newlyn to our finishing point at Penzance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for this trip?

No, I’ve seen plenty of 80 year olds walking the Grand Canyon, Chimney Rock, and Peru. If you are fit enough to walk a rolling 11 mile route alone and unassisted, you are welcome to come.

How do I prepare for the pilgrimage?

Watch Wild. It’s Cheryl Strayed’s autobiography of her 1,100 mile solo trek of the Pacific Coast Crest. It will give you a glimpse into what’s possible on a long walk.

Read this article.

Walk on similar terrain for a similar length of time.

Who should come?

Anyone who feels called to come. Trust your gut. The ideal traveler is open-minded, easy-going, fit, ready to expand and find the divine.

How long will we be walking each day?

I don’t know. It depends on how fast you walk and how much you linger. Plan on walking all day. We aren’t doing a lot of miles each day, but the route is challenging. There is lots of up and down. If you plan on being outside on your feet all day, you will be well prepared.

What can I expect?

Every tour is different. Every traveler is different. I can’t really say. All I can say is that sacred travel gives you what you most need. My tours and retreats give travelers a sense of what is it like to be seen, loved, accepted, and safe. Since we are going to be seeing some of the most spectacular seaviews and Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the world, you’re sure to be awestruck.

This is not a “churchy” type of spiritual experience. It’s an inner world experience.

Do I need trip insurance?

It’s always a good idea when traveling internationally. InsureMyTrip has been good to me in the past.

What if I tire out on the route? What are my options?

You can elect (at your expense) to sit a day out and ride to the next destination. You may also be able to do this while en route; however, you have to get yourself to the nearest town.

What date and time should I plan to arrive?

The tour officially starts Saturday, April 27, so Friday, April 26 is probably going to be your travel day (depending upon how long it takes you to arrive at Heathrow).

The tour officially kicks off at PADDINGTON STATION. This is a 20-30 minute train ride from Heathrow. We leave Paddington no later than 1:00 p.m. on April 27. If it takes you 20-30 minutes to get to Heathrow and you allow 2 hours to get through Heathrow, the latest you can arrive is 10:30 a.m.

Stuff happens. If you have a weather delay or get on the wrong train, just let me know. We’ll deal with it.

What time should I plan for my departure on May 7?

It doesn’t matter. We will be overnighting at a comfortable airport hotel May 6, so you can plan your departure whenever you like. We will already be right there.