I had been facilitating spiritual tours a while before I asked myself, “What makes a sacred site juicy to all people all the time?” Answer- ley lines and vortices. It’s still a hypothesis I am testing out, but I really think that is the key to a spiritual destination home run. I am so sure of it that I named my spiritual tours company after the big mama of ley lines–the Rainbow Serpent.

Stonehenge Photo by Zhengyang Li: https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-rock-formations-under-blue-sky-8761154/

What’s a Ley Line?

Ley lines are invisible, straight lines that link natural and manmade sacred sites. These sacred sites might be churches, cairns, stone circles, barrows, caves, fords, sacred springs, and hilltops. The term was coined in 1921 by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, who wrote a book about them called The Old Straight Track. He was not the first to notice this, however.

The Peruvians called these lines spirit lines. To the Irish, they were called fairy paths. The Chinese called them dragon lines. The aboriginal Australians call them song lines.

There are all kinds of ideas about what they are for. All I know is that when I’ve been on one, everything feels more intense and alive. It’s not always pleasant. Sometimes the energy is dark and mournful, but I like that too. Life is sometimes dark and mournful. I sometimes have trouble discerning if the energy is coming from the site or is a reflection of me. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Being present with what is there is always exciting.

materiana church, tintagel

But you want a “for instance,” don’t you? Okay. I’d been to Materiana Church in Cornwall many times, but never inside. It was always closed when I had been there before. It was definitely an experience worth waiting for. From the moment I stepped over the threshold, I couldn’t breathe. I was overcome with an intense sorrow that I could not shake. I had to step back, take a break, and even sit down. I did not abate until I stepped back outside. Inside = sorrow. Outside = nothing.

When I told a local about the experience, he said, “Oh, that’s because this church is on the Morgana ley line. Morgana is the “dark mother.” Bingo! …THEN, he proceeded to tell me that he found out about that after being plagued by nightmares after spending the night in the church parking lot. So the dark mother had her way with us.

What’s a Vortex?

Sedona Photo by Troll Adventure: https://www.pexels.com/photo/sedona-arizona-mountains-9522680/

A vortex is a spiraling energy center that has a palpable impact on the mind, senses, and body. Many consider it a spiritual experience as it can open you up to altered states experiences. Many types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines. 

If you’ve ever seen a water spout while on the ocean or leaves swirling in a circle on a fall day, you’ve seen a vortex. Hurricanes and tornadoes are also vortices. Vortices are natural phenomena that occur everywhere. The earth’s vortices can be stationary or temporary. They often, if not always, occur on ley lines.

Vortex specialists will tell you that vortices have different types of energy, such as masculine and feminine, light and dark. Strange things are said to happen there, like dropped objects rolling uphill. In some people appearing shorter inside the vortex compared to outside. In others, sound is reflected back even though there is nothing for it to bounce off of.

Some vortices are associated with deformed tree growth or rings of grass that are either more green than the surrounding area or the ring doesn’t allow for anything to grow there. Some are associated with extraterrestrial activity.

I am not a ley line or vortex specialist. All I know is that when I have been in areas that I know to be on a ley line or vortex, things get juicy. If you want to find a place that has the potential to show you your stuff and open you up, try vortex hunting. There are lots of little ones here and there.

There is some debate about where the big ones are located, but they are generally recognized to be at the following locations: Giza pyramids, Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, Mount Kailas in the Himalayas, Glastonbury in England, Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia, and Mount Fuji in Japan. Sometimes Hawaii and Sedona appear on the list. You may see some other differences, but the big seven are there.

If you have a ley line or vortex story that you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments! I’d love to hear it.