Vortex Hunters lists places around the world that people report as having an energy vortex. I am always a little skeptical, but that doesn’t stop me from checking it out. This past weekend, I took a group of people up to Crabtree Falls (Virginia) to see- vortex or no vortex?

One of the things that sacred places have in common are ley lines, water, and being out in nature. Not sure about ley lines, but Crabtree Falls definitely has water and nature in abundance. You don’t have to walk very far before you see the lower falls. The trail hugs the water for the steep 1.7 mile hike up.

The trail is pretty narrow. It’s mainly single file. It’s also mostly dirt and rock, so if your balance isn’t good and you’re not used to walking outdoors in natural terrain, you will want to take your time. A walking stick is a good idea.

We took it easy and stopped to take a lot of pictures. We asked, “What do you think? Is there a vortex here?” Nature heals. The air was refreshing. The negative ions coming from the waterfall was energizing, but vortex? We weren’t sure.

When we got to the place people call “The Shrine,” we were surprised by all the fairy stacks. All of a sudden – BAM! They were everywhere! It was really strange. It’s as if people just realized that something was special about this particular spot. And there is.

I felt nothing in the air. I felt nothing when I put my hands on the rocks, but when I sat on the rocks to meditate, I got a surge of power through my body. Whoa! A lady stopped to admire the fairy stacks and said, “Why do I feel like I am spiraling?” She clearly had no idea that there was supposed to be a vortex here, but she could feel it too.

One of the members of our group also felt it in as a tingling in her throat. At first she wasn’t sure if that it wasn’t just coincidence, but when she felt the same sensation on the way back down, we knew that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Crabtree Falls gets a thumbs up vote from me. It’s beautiful, unspoiled and the energy is great here. If you are in the area, check it out. Every vortex is different. Every person is different. You may not feel it, but it’s still there doing its thing. If you are in need of a boost, this might be just the thing.