What Else Do I Need to Know About the Black Forest Pilgrimage

Here are some more details about the Black Forest pilgrimage

5/14/20242 min read

Black Forest
Black Forest
  • Daytime temperatures will likely be in the 60s to 70s range, so very comfortable walking weather.

  • The name “Black Forest” goes back a thousand years to a time when the forest was so dense and spooky that no one dared enter.

  • This area is known for wooden cuckoo clocks, Black Forest cake, Bollenhut (hats), thermal springs, and skiing.

  • You will be outdoors in the woods. You need tick repellant.

  • Bring sturdy, water repellant footwear.

  • Bring a camera. Our trails pass beautiful lakes, lovely mountain tops, and valleys.

  • About 50% of Germans speak some English. You can get by without knowing German, but it’s always polite to learn at least a little of the host country’s language.

  • Germans like things to be correct. If you step out of line, they will let you know. (Don’t jaywalk, talk too loudly, be late, etc.)

  • Germans are not known for their warm and fuzzy demeanor to strangers. They don’t do small talk. Don’t think of it as “mean,” just reserved.

  • Cash is king. Don’t rely on your credit or debit card here.

  • Public toilets are not free. Have coins on hand.

  • Things are closed on Sundays. Prepare!

  • Water is not free. (They don’t do tap water). It’s typically fizzy, so if you want still water, be specific.

  • Each of our homes have a washer and dryer.

  • Please bring the smallest suitcase that you can manage as we have limited space for luggage in our vehicle. (The washer and dryer on site will make this easier).

  • The second home has a sauna. Enjoy!

  • Sunrise in September is 7:00 a.m. ish and sunset is 7:30 p.m.ish. Lots of time to walk!

  • Our first stop. Calw, is known for picturesque, timber framed houses and the author, Herman Hesse.

  • Castle Waldeck, in Calw, is a 12th century ruin that is being overtaken by the forest. It's a beautiful, lonely place that is sure to stir your imagination.

  • Treetop Walk is a way to see the Black Forest from the tree tops. The walk up is easy and gradual. If you'd like to slide down, you can!

  • Breakfast is provided every day in our cottage. (Your hostess will cook).

  • This area of Germany is known for its food. There are many 5 star restaurants in the area. However, we do have a full kitchen and can eat at home, if you like.

  • This area is also known for its spa culture. There are many thermal springs in the area. Be aware that they are co-ed and full nudity is required. No bathing suits allowed.

  • Your host (Laura Giles) will do a morning wake-up routine of breath work, qigong, and/or meditation each morning that you are welcome to join.

  • If the group is up for it, and we have the time, we can explore hidden childhood wounds using fairy tales (or do some other spiritual/therapeutic practices or rituals).

  • There is no designated hiking/walking itinerary. It's up to you to choose when to walk, where to walk, and how. We have days set aside to do this. You can certainly do something else.

  • Your deposit is due upon registration. The balance is due by July 17, 2024.

  • You are not confirmed for the trip until your deposit and signed waiver are received.